Multiple Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Products

Languages: English. Risk Level: High.

Systems Affected

Windows, Microsoft Office, Extended Security Updates (ESU), Developer Tools, Browser, System Centre, Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, and Exchange Server


Multiple vulnerabilities have been identified in Microsoft products, Which could be exploited by an attacker to access sensitive information, bypass security restrictions, perform denial-of-service attacks, escalating privileges, perform spoofing attacks, or execute arbitrary codes on the targeted system.


Refer to the table below for more on the vulnerabilities, (Reference: CERT-IN )


  ✻ Exposing sensitive information to unauthorized parties
  ✻ Unauthorized access
  ✻ Losing control of the device
  ✻ Malware infections
  ✻ DOS attacks
  ✻ Services interruption

Solution/ Workarounds

  ✻ Apply the appropriate security patch mentioned below,




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