Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome Desktop

Languages: English. Risk Level: High.


It has come to Sri Lanka CERT’s attention that free data scams have started happening again. Please be cautious of such scams and get yourself educated. These scammers will pretend to come from well-known companies and try to use COVID-19 related themes to attract uneducated users.


There are messages that claim to offer free data and these offers will pretend to come from other well-known organizations or brands to gain the user’s trust into clicking these links. These messages are part of a click fraud which is a monetization scheme that relies on racking up bogus ad clicks that bring revenues for the operators of these scams.

Websites behind these scams might change into phishing sites at any time which might result in losing access to your sensitive data and online accounts.


✻ Installation of third-party application and malware to your devices
✻ Loss of access to online accounts and personal information.

Solution/ Workarounds

✻ Check on the organization’s website to make sure any promotion is real and valid before registering yourself for it.


Beware of criminals pretending to be WHO


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